Real World DeFi

Maxos is bringing DeFi magic to real world assets and financial services


Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton is the founder of Assembla (remote team management), Aboveboard (blockchain registries), PowerSteering Software (enterprise project management), and Creation Mechanics (machine learning). He was employee #2 at SNL Financial (now S&P Global Market Intelligence) and has built financial information products for Reuters, Thomson, Citi, etc. He studied applied math at Harvard and is the author of "A Guide to the New Continuous Agile."

Benjamin Robinot

Founder of Fintech investment solution 9.30AM. Partner at 360 Advisory, providing investment advice to high net worth individuals, businesses, and investment companies. Co-Founder at OrfiCapital Limited, an asset management company specialized in Asian and emerging credit.

Andrew Sudbury

DeFi yield farmer, hacker, and security expert. Founder of Abine Inc. the online privacy company, and developer of The Privacy Suite and DeleteMe. VP, security metrics. Early Employee at @Stake, Inc. the first pure-play Info Sec Consulting Firm (L0pht & Battery Ventures). Owner and operator of Cafe Liberty, Boston's first cyber-cafe and cultural phenomenon. MIT Sloan.

Vojtech Hromek

Founder @ Advantage Analysis. Senior developer and full stack engineer for Ethereum Smart Contracts, algorithmic trading, stock market and cryptocurrency quantitative research, and data analytics

Florent Latour

Founder of Immigration Planner, the only app that relies entirely on software to guide users through the immigration process. Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dictao, the European leader in Digital Transaction Management. Penetrated the banking market, ran operations, and sold to Safran Morpho. Product Manager and VP Operations at Powersteering, one of the first enterprise SaaS companies. Harvard Business School.

Csaba Horvath

Venture builder, digital strategy and finance go-getter with 15+ years experience in Asia and Europe. Partner at venture builder & advisor Fusion Capital Partners, advisor at Antler. Founded Mithqal, a digital asset distribution platform, and was Partner at Aquicon, a CEE consulting boutique focusing on growth and innovation strategy. MBA from INSEAD.

Sesha Sayanan Pratap

Management consultant with Embarcadero, Opera, and Brahma Group. Areas of specialty include identifying market opportunities, developing go-to-market strategies, and implementing new revenue models. Cofounder and CEO of Centerline Software, leading growth to 150 employees and $18M in revenue.

Steve Derezinski

Senior executive with proven track record in both technical and business/marketing domains. Ability to combine theoretical frameworks with real-world experience to exceed expectations. Formed 8 companies from University IP that raised $43M in startup capital. Raised $25M in venture investments from Silicon Valley, Boston and Atlanta Venture Capital firms. Awarded and managed $23M in government contracts. Helped launch over 80 startups which have cumulatively raised over $250M to date. MIT Sloan.


Blockchain Securities

The DeFi market will expand 100X by moving from crypto assets to regulated securities. Our Redeemer project supplies assets from securities exchanges to redeemable crypto tokens. Our DMarket project will start as a sandbox for qualified professional investors to use a full range of DeFi services for pooling, margining, AMMs, fund adminstration, waterfalls, etc.


Launch pools use DeFi magic to accelerate startup fundraising. They may also be useful for SPACs and investment funds. They create time and space for compliance..

Our core Maxos Venture Studio fills the huge opportunity space in real-world DeFi by pushing and pulling ideas through a funnel to implementation and success.

Money Markets

We are building channels to deliver DeFi yield to bank customers. On the crypto side, we are packaging yield into “savings coins” – interest earning stablecoins with insurance, reporting, and other bank-style features. Our approach can plug-in different types of interest earning assets, including DeFi loans, yield hunters, staking, and securities.

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